- Top 10 Film Schools In Africa -

Africa is full of opportunities for budding as well as a established filmmakers. There are many opportunities for film schools in Africa, and there are also many opportunities for film festivals that are held in different countries. If you want to learn about filmmaking and make your own short films, then this article will help you get started on the right path.

Here are the top 10 film schools in Africa

Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University is one of the best film schools in Africa. It has a strong focus on film and media studies, which is why it's so well known in the industry. Its alumni network is also impressive, as well as its faculty members and curriculum.

Kenyatta University has been offering degrees since 1960 but did not award its first BA degree until 1971. In 2011, KU opened up enrollment for its MFA program to international students; this was only possible thanks to generous donations from private donors outside of Kenya who wanted to see more opportunities for young people from around Africa who could benefit from studying abroad (and perhaps even stay after graduation).

Kenyatta University has several campuses located around Nairobi: namely: Mombasa Road Campus for Agriculture & Agriculture Science; Makadara Campus for Business Administration & Management Studies

Additionally there are two satellite centers managed by KUSI: Mathare North Satellite Center at Mathare Valley School District No .1 where courses are offered via distance learning technology while Thika Satellite Center provides further opportunities for those who have completed their studies but seek further training opportunities while they work towards their professional goals.