- Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Africa -

There are so many amazing facts about Africa's top tourist destinations, things you need to see personally, the mind blowing beauty of natural ambiance. Therefore, in no particular order we would list these top 10 tourist destinations in Africa you must know and plan to visit someday soon.  

The Great Rift Valley is one of the most fascinating places on earth. This massive valley stretches from the Red Sea in the Middle East all the way to Mozambique in Africa. The valley is home to some of the most unique and diverse wildlife on the planet.

One of the amazing notable features of the Great Rift Valley is its massive sheer size. The valley is approximately 6,000 miles long and up to 60 miles wide in places. This massive size makes it one of the largest geographical features, another wonder of the world on earth.

Talking about volcanoes?  Yes you are right. The Great Rift Valley is also home to some of the world's most active volcanoes you have never seen nor imagined. Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, is also located in the Great Rift Valley. The same valley is also home to Mount Nyiragongo, one of the most active volcanoes, another modern day wonder of the world. What more can I say, the Great Rift Valley is an incredibly diverse place, a master piece center of the universe where nature use natural things including varieties of plants and animals to paint beauty beyond the human comprehension.

The Sahara Desert is also another famous tourist's destination in Africa. Famous for its sand dunes, the Sahara Desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, a large and vast area in North Africa. The Sahara Desert cut across various countries in Africa, countries like Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco. The Sahara covers an area of more than 3.6 million square kilometers; it is the world's largest hot desert and also the driest desert in the world.

Famous for its sand dunes, which are taller and more extensive than those of any other deserts in any part of the world. The dunes are composed of great sands, gravels, and rocks. The sand is naturally very fine, well blended for feelings and it is the main constituent of the dunes. Sometimes the dunes are called the "Sea of Sand." The sand dunes are a popular tourist destination and are a popular place to visit because they are beautiful and interesting to behold.