- 9 Asian Scholarships for African Students -

4. China Renmin University Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students Renmin University of China opens its doors every year for international students to apply for university scholarships, including for master's and doctoral degrees. International students can apply for scholarship as IELTS scores are not required...

Eligibility Criteria
They are not Chinese and are not currently students at a Chinese school.
Their bodies and minds are healthy.
Being a bachelor's degree graduate and younger than 35 years old. (applicable to candidates applying to graduate programs).
University graduates and under 40 years old. (For applicants to the PhD program).
This scholarship covers all your living expenses during your stay in China.

All tuition fees

health insurance
between 3000 yuan and 3500 yuan per month for owners and doctors. A report confirming physical and mental health
Applicants applying for the music department must submit their current music.
Students who want to receive art education are required to send 2 documents in CO format, color drawing and drawing.

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5.The Chinese Ministry of Education Ocean Scholarship for Foreign Students has invited 4,444 African students to apply for a master's or doctoral degree in ocean and ocean-related studies.

This scholarship is jointly organized by the State Oceanic Administration (SON) and the Ministry of Education of China and Xiamen University (China), the pioneer ocean school in China.

Legal Qualifications
Not Chinese.
Application for postgraduate training in the military specialty. Candidates who have attended maritime courses and workplaces before will be selected for.

Be a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 40. (candidates applying to graduate programs).
Being a university graduate and under the age of 45. (PhD candidates

Tuition Fees
Tuition/Dormitory Fees (700 RMB and 1,000 RMB for undergraduate and doctoral students, respectively)
3,000 and 3,500 RMB monthly pocket money for undergraduate students printing and doctor
Health Insurance

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6. GIST Scholarships for International Students
Korea Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) invites students from African countries to apply for its annual scholarships. Graduate

To be eligible for the award For students to:

To apply for higher education, they must have a bachelor's degree.
There are master's degrees to apply for a PhD.


Full tuition fee of KRW 3,415,000 per semester
KRW 140,000 and KRW 295,000 per month for master's and doctorate. 4,444 research grants were awarded annually to undergraduate and doctoral students, amounting to KRW 4,820,000 and KRW 11,480,000, respectively.
D. Students respectively.
Health Insurance
Air Ticket (one way flight to South Korea)
Documents Required
Application Form Document Delivery Instructions
Evidence 44 English Language Certificate 4 Certificate 4 Certificate 44 Employment Certificate Waiver (Optional)
Interested students for research studies and research studies can apply for this scholarship

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