- Top 12 Nollywood Movies And Series -

                     1. MY SIDECHICK VS MY WIFE

Synopsis:  MY SIDECHICK VS MY WIFE - Love is a beautiful thing, it can heal broken hearts when you fall in love with the right person. Love exists so much among these two so into each other until circumstance changed everything. It's a must-watch. Relax and enjoy this piece. Find out more in this Latest Nigerian Movie 2024

Featuring:   Uche Montana | Angel Unigwe | Felix Ugo and more.

                     2. APRIL'S MIRACLE

Synopsis:  APRIL'S MIRACLE - If you are looking for Nigerian Movies 2024 Latest Full Movies, then you need to check out APRIL'S MIRACLE! This romantic movie moves you into the world of the best Nollywood movies 2024 latest full movies. You'll definitely love this full movie in this Nigerian Movie 2024 Latest Full Movies

Featuring: Saga Adeoluwa | Detola Jones | Paul Nnadiekwe  And more...

        3. FIVE & SIX

Synopsis: FIVE & SIX - Very interesting movie, a movie to watch and re-watch because of the story and the sequence of events would keep you glue to your screen. Latest New 2024 Nollywood Movie African.

Featuring:   Sonia Uche | Victory Michael | Cherry Agba | Toosweet Annan | Miwa Olurunfemi | Ese Eriate.